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Video Production and Commercial Creation

Send us your footage and we'll do the rest.


Video Editing and Production

Voice-over Options

Animated Videos

Custom Business and Drop-shipping Commercials

Pay in Full at a Discounted Rate OR Pay Down a Deposit 

Sales 'COLD Call' & Receptionist Call Services

Incoming and Outgoing Calls, your MFES Virtual Receptionist likes talking!  

MFES Logo.png

One of the things that people dread the most in the sales process is making calls, especially 'Cold Calling'. Do you have a 'Contact List'? We can call on your behalf and even make appointments for you. We can also make Courtesy Calls, which are great for branding and promotional purposes, use to announce big events or special deals. Misty Frost Executive Services can also provide on-call customer service, or someone to simply greet your customers and transfer them to you, Pay just for the time you need.  

Social Media, Email Marketing and Online Advertising

Use Social Media toTell EVERYONE About Your Business!  

Social Networking is the latest and most popular way to get the word out about your business.  You don't have to be an expert because we are.  Your MFES Assistant can customize you a business page and manage all of your content and posts.  All you have to do is keep us in the loop of what you have going on, and we will tell your audience.  We can also build your audience and drive more traffic to your website using blogging and email marketing.  You can now add on additional features to your plan like Reputation Management, Online Listing Management, Online Advertising and Messenger Bots; automated marketing campaigns sent via Facebook Messenger.

Web Design, Custimization and SEO Maintenance

Need a Website?  Don't Stress It.  We'll Have You Looking Good!  

In this day and age, having a professional website is crucial to your business's success.  And why shouldn't it be? Your website does a lot of the sales for you. It is what represents your business to the world.  At Misty Frost Executive Services, we offer professional websites at a fraction of the cost.  Need a lot of "bells and whistles"? We can add videos, images, and link your website with an Email List, SEO Maintenance and a Social Media plan.  If you already have a website, we can add custom features like the MFES Digital Assistant on our Home page. This feature is designed to generate leads, all your customers have to do is click.

**Our Newest Service** Networking Assistance


Never Miss a Networking Event Again. Let US Work the Room for You!  

Active Networking is another key ingredient to growing your business, and networking events and organizations are everywhere! With a MFES Networking Assistant, you can be everywhere too. Pay for the time you need. Your MFES Networking Assistant will represent your business and will provide you a list of contacts obtained at the event.  He/she will even highlight those businesses or individuals that relate to or show interest in your business. 

CUSTOMIZE Your Services with an

MFES Executive

A Customized MFES Executive Can Handle All of Your Business Needs!  

Hey, sometimes you just don't know what all you need, and with Misty Frost Executive Services, we still have you covered.  With a Customized MFES Executive, all of your business services can be handled.  Our Customized MFES Executives specialize in Public Relations, Bookkeeping, Human Resources and so much more.  Instead of paying an entire office to handle all of your business needs, just pay us for the time and the services you need. 

Misty Frost Executive Services Provides ON-SITE and ONLINE Training!  

Are you more of a "hands-on" type of person?  Ask about our On-site training.  One of our representatives will come out to train you and/or your staff in a number of the services we provide.  Some of our most popular courses are Customer Service, Phone Etiquette, Effective Presenting/Public Speaking, and Social Networking for Your Business.


Would you like to access your training right now?  Check out our MFES Network page for tips, articles, SlideShare presentations and our YouTube videos.  Help for your business is just a click away!  Enter the mind of Misty Frost Executive Services... we pride ourselves on helping the business owner succeed.  Afterall, we are in this together.  We are the Perfect Mate to Your Business!! 

Misty Frost Executive Services Also Provides EXCELLENT Personal and Employee Benefits Plans for You and Your Employees!!  We are able to help you are your business find the BEST rates for Life, Dental and Health Insurance. 


We offer packages with additional benefits like legal services, supplemental health insurance and accounting services.  

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