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My Mission For Economic Supremacy and Urban Development for the Southeast Community and Abroad

What started as one idea grew into something much more. This didn't just happen overnight, it was an ever-growing combination of observations, problem solving, training, classes, webinars, and good 'old fashioned' trial and error.  There was a constant feeling of, "There's something more".  And just like pieces of a puzzle, each component of this plan came together with the primary focus being; building a successful brand and business for myself, using that as a platform to not only influence others to do the same, but actually provide them with opportunities to do so.  Over time, there became a growing need to also see how that influence could effect my Southeast community and the people around me.


My thought became, If I can complain... then I can write down a plan.  All I could think of, was all of the stories that I heard about, when I was younger. The days when the Southeast Community was just that... a community.  I also thought, why should the solution for improving MY community, lie in the hands of investors and developers that are involved mainly for their financial gain.  As a resident of the Southeast Community, I also noticed the ever-growing sense of loss in the air.  I believed if I could find a way to offer some type of hope and direction, I would feel like I was at least doing something.  After all, I was actually seeing where my influence was making a difference at my job at Progressive Healthcare Services, and this was the main group I wanted to reach and influence. Many of our aides are and have been residents of the Southeast Community.  I have learned so much throughout the years and have worked with some great caretakers.  I've also met a number of people that seemed like they were doing the job, because they felt that was all they could do, or it was what was expected.  I thought, maybe, the key would be helping people that might not normally see themselves working in certain industries, actually See that they can and show them how. 

Just like people need to feel like they are valued, they need to see that they are valued too.  I think it is Insulting, that Demographics have to change, in order to SEE improvements in my community... in any community.  Another goal of my mission is the creation of Real Estate Investment/Urban Development Groups and programs that current and previous residents of the Southeast community and/or family could be a part of.  I truly believe that the more our youth see people, like them, from this community, that are successful... that are investing in their neighborhoods and in them... the more, they will see themselves having more potential and be more likely to make better decisions.

With the creation of my "Urban Economic Entrepreneurship Ecosystem", my goal was to create a system and a mindset within the Southeast community that nurtures and supports the interacting of organizations and individuals within the community for the purpose of growth and prosperity... for our community, BY members of our community.  The vision of MFES Incorporated is to use my voice, my platform and my resources to continue to influence and support those in my community and those like it. I want to assist people in not only finding and developing their gifts and talents, but to use those skills to produce goods and services that are of value to a variety of customers, but for mainly those who are themselves members of the Southeast economic community or any similar metropolitan area... hence, the definition of the "Urban Economic Entrepreneurship Ecosystem".

The overall vision of MFES Incorporated is to:

Motivate Financial Exchanges Systematically within Our communities... For our communities.



My Force Exists Spiritually



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