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Bringing Out the BEST in NEW Fellow Entrepreneurs!!

ALL While Helping Them Build THEIR Businesses TOO!!!

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LOVING Community Homes for

Veterans, Disabled Adults and

Foster Care

Misty Frost Empowerment Strategies


STRATEGIES created or supported by Misty Frost to EMPOWER her Community

Misty Frost, was born and raised in the Southeast area of the City of Newport News, VA.  This area, otherwise known as Downtown, has for the past 30 years, been an area associated with high crime and lower income/public housing.  BEFORE that, It had ALSO been known for a rich History of being an area of working class african-american families, and a flourishing, predominantly african-american owned small business community.  The goal of 'Misty Frost Empowerment Strategies' is to implement Strategies to bring back those days where this community had more to offer, as a Positive influence to the City of Newport News; both economically and culturally... after all, the Southeast Community BIRTHED the Great ICONS Pearl Bailey and Ella Fitzgerald, local Legendary ballet instructor Thaddeus Hayes, Senator Bobby Scott, Delegate Marcia Price and Newport News Mayor McKinnley Price.  This area also BIRTHED Sports LEGENDS Allen Iverson and Micheal Vick, so WHO KNOWS what SUPER STARS the Southeast Community STILL has to offer; if Only given the Support, Encouragement and the STRATEGIES to Succeed.  

'Misty Frost Empowerment Strategies', and It's Non-profit Endeavors is not only the HUB of the "Urban Economic Entrepreneurship, Ecosystem; it is a RESOURCE of Tools, Trainings, and VIABLE Economic Financial and OWNERSHIP Education, as well as Nurturing SUPPORT, ASSISTANCE and COACHING for Individuals LOOKING to TRANSITION from the DEPENDENCY (even GENERATIONAL) of Government Assistant Programs to the TRUE 'American Dream'... of OWNERSHIP and Generational WEALTH!! 

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