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Misty has worked in many different industries, including sales, non-profit organizations, education and business support services.  She has also worked in radio and television, building a wealth of experience and a number of professional contacts and relationships. She is now co-owner of a flourishing Home Healthcare agency, Progressive Healthcare Services.  Progressive Healthcare Services has been a force in the Home Healthcare industry for over 10 years, with Misty on board during the majority of it's tenor.  In addition to building relationships within the Healthcare Industry, the Senior Citizen and the Long-term Care Community, Misty has mastered skills in recruiting and grooming professionals in the Home Healthcare Industry and It's supporting staff.  It is by this, the concept of the 'Economic, Entrepreneurship, Ecosystem' was born.  Misty discovered, she had a way of seeing potential in people that may not yet see it in themselves; nurture that potential, develop it, and enhance it... making it, then, an asset for others.

Misty is passionate about providing excellent service to her clients, both in the Home Healthcare Industry and the clients she works with through MFES Incorporated.  She prides herself on taking the business of Care to the next level and wants to take the Industry of Virtual and Business Services to the next level as well.  All, to help take your business to the next level! 

Misty believes in working with clients one-on-one, in a long-term collaborative partnership, this is why businesses that work with MFES Incorporated, are in a partnership with a dedicated professional and a team that will be providing them with a variety of customized administrative support and resources at affordable rates, some even free!  Some businesses may even get tax breaks and incentives for working with individuals that are enrolled in the 'Misty Frost Empowerment Strategies' Not-for-Profit Initiative; the 'Empowerment Transitions' Program.  This program provides 'New Media' skills, Sales, Marketing and Promotional training to individuals from lower income households, who may be both under-educated and under-skilled. These skills are well-documented as the 'Wave of the Future'.  Misty, through her program, provides opportunities and a pathway of Hope and Prosperity by the Empowerment of these 'New Age' multi-media skills.

In addition to this, Misty provides her own talents to support businesses that partner with MFES Incorporated through 'Misty Frost Entertainment Solutions'.  Through this vehicle, she provides a number of creative and entertaining solutions to provide clients with a variety of avenues to get their message seen and heard.  She also provides tools and tips to help along the way!  MOST, at no additional cost at all!


Misty believes a smile makes Any day better!  That's Why, she Enjoys providing so much of Herself to her clients!

Misty uses Social Networking to not only educate business owners, but to entertain them as well... who said Work had to be boring?  Misty uses humor and a "down-to-earth" approach to stay relevant in the ever changing world of social media. 

Check out Progressive Healthcare Services at


Misty Frost, the Professional, is always open to new opportunities.  She is hard-working, diligent and dedicated in any role that she is in, and she has a reputation as being a 'Joy to work with'! Misty is a Chameleon of Personalities.  She can adapt and adjust to any team or environment.  Click the link to see her Resume.



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Misty Frost is the Host of the Talk Show, 'B.O.S.S. Moments' (Business... Oh, SO Savvy).  Misty, a childhood Fan of 'Barbara Walter's Interviews' and the Show '20/20', uses the same Investigative style reporting approach to telling compelling human interest stories. She adds an entertaining and intriguing conversation technique to the 'Everyday Success Story', big and small and the person and/or people behind it.  Subjects of the Show, even get to share their personal experience to the Audience 'One-on-One' through a part of the Show, Misty calls the 'B.O.S.S. Moments Questions'.  She designed this segment, specifically, to adhere to the premise of 'Misty Frost Executive Services' being the 'Perfect Mate to Your Business!' She figured, Who could better Help others understand your job and/or business, better than you? This segment allows you to speak directly to your audience, and build a bigger audience in the process, by showing them your expertise. 


Misty also uses her talents throughout the 'MFES Network', through a variety of creative features and electronic publications to give an overall, fun and well-rounded business/business owner support experience.



In addition to her work with MFES Incorporated, Misty has professional level skills in:



Public Speaking

Hosting and MC-ing

Voice-over Work

Commentating and Reporting

Writing, Directing and Video Production

Public and Relations

Fashion and Style Consultation

Improv Performing and Acting


Since there is currently no stateside competition for Ms. Virginia Plus America, Misty Frost won her 2015 crown through an interview process with the former director of the Miss Plus America Pageant, Mr. Phillip Michael Bailey.  Upon receiving the prestigious title, Misty has made getting a statewide competition a top priority.  Her thoughts were, "All girls need to see positive representations of themselves, no matter what they look like... everyone deserves to feel beautiful", 


The Miss Plus America Pageant is the premier national plus size pageant competition for plus size women of every age with state pageants operating in Alabama, Arkansas, California, Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Illinois, Kentucky, Maryland, Michigan, Missouri, New York, North Carolina Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Texas, Tennessee, Nevada, and Washington D.C.


Misty Frost has enjoyed using her background in radio and public speaking for a variety of audiences, in this role.  Misty loves speaking to the youth and volunteering for activities at local schools and community centers.  As Ms. Virginia Plus America, Misty's platform is: Empowerment Strategies for Urban Economic Growth and Development.  She hopes to not only be a voice for her community, but to also be an influencer towards change.




Misty also plans on using her title to be a representative for all girls and women, no matter what size they are, to love themselves no matter what. Misty believes that for every girl that loves herself more, there is a girl less likely to make bad life decisions, and not those that would distract or hinder their goals for the future. The Miss Plus America Pageant is a 501(C) 4 and any and all donations towards the pageant and/or its contestants are tax deductible.  

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