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MFES Social Media & Digital Marketing

Best Value

Social Media Manager



Every month

1 Social Media Platform with 2 Posts Daily

Valid until canceled

Your Choice of Social Media Platform.

Posts Customized, Designed and Scheduled at the Ideal Time

Manage Up to 5 Platforms with 2 Posts Daily. ASK for Upgrade

Best Value

MFES Digital Ads



5 Digital Ads Formatted for 2 Social Media Platforms

Valid until canceled

Customized Digital Ads Using Your Logo

Drive MORE Business to your Website or Social Media Platform

Add up to 5 Social Media Platforms for a Small fee. Just ASK

Best Value

MFES Email Marketing



Every month

Up to 7 Customized Email Campaigns a Month for 2 Platforms

Valid until canceled

We can use your Supplied Email Campaign or Write it for you

Campaigns designed to increase Search Engine Optimization

Get up to 5 formats for 5 Social Media Platforms. Just ASK

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