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MISTY FROST Executive Services EXPANDS Its Vision

and Brand to

MFES Incorporated

Adding on... MISTY FROST Entertainment Solutions

And on... MISTY FROST Empowerment Strategies

(Not-for-profit Initiatives)

Providing all of the same great Administrative and Business Services, Virtually online and mobile here in the Hampton Roads area, CURRENTLY, and for the Past 15 YEARS... Misty Frost Executive Servicesnow offers businesses, organizations and professionals even more customized and personalized services, still, with the option of your own personal 'MFES Assistant'. 


Click on 'Executive Services' and see what all MFES has to offer you, your brand and your business.


Over the years, through our website at and our social media pages via Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Linkedin and Instagram, we, through the MFES brand have been able to expand our reach. Misty Frost, the person, researched opportunities available out there to bring 'Solutions' out to small businesses and professionals, in a way that could creatively communicate to them with ease. Misty realized it was a much bigger need, voice and platform that needed to be created.  Misty Frost Entertainment Solutions was the answer. 


Click on 'Entertainment Solutions' and see what all MFES has to offer you, your brand and your business.    


Another need that Misty Frost noticed throughout this MFES journey, was the constant demand and growth of the Business Services industry, the great potential that professionals with these skill-sets have to be successful, and the rather simple way of learning these skills and passing that knowledge along.   Misty Frost Empowerment Strategies is a number of not-for-profit initiatives created by or supported by MFES Incorporated. Our "Empowerment Transitions Program", provides lower income or unemployed individuals skills, training and opportunities to be entrepreneurs, working for other entrepreneurs.  This, is a part of what MFES Incorporated calls the 'Urban Economic Entrepreneurship Ecosystem'.  Now, when you get great, affordable and beneficial services for your business, you will also be supporting other business owners achieving their business dreams!


 Click on 'Empowerment Strategies' and see how MFES is empowering our community AND offering opportunities/assistance for you, your brand and your business.

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