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MFES Services Plans and Pricing

Choose your pricing plan

  • MFES Video Editing

    30 Second Video Edited from Up to 15 Minutes of Footage
    • Sound Design and Mixing
    • Motion Graphics
    • 2 Revisions Included
    • 7 Days to Complete
    • RUSH NEEDED: 3 Days to Complete for an additional $150
    • NEED MORE TIME? We can create videos up to 4 minutes. ASK
  • Animated Video .30

    Promote your business with animated videos with voice-over.
    • Script writing up to 75 words
    • We can use your images or those we provide
    • Voice-over included or you can provide your own.
    • 1 Revision
    • Completed within 10 days
    • NEED MORE TIME? We can create videos up to 2 minutes. ASK
  • MFES Video Ad. Basic

    Sell your products with these Ads formatted for Facebook
    • We can supply the footage for standard drop-shipping items
    • 1 High Quality Video Ad with thumbnail
    • Audio and Script is included, will use your logo
    • Additional Stock Video included
    • 30 Seconds in length
    • Completed in 5 Days
  • MFES Schedule Mngmt.

    Set-up with Calendly, Google or Outlook
    • Set-up Detailed Auto-Response Parameters to Save Time
    • Separate Contact List and Spreadsheet for Email Marketing
    • SAVE MONEY! Monthly or Recurring Plans are Available
  • MFES Salesforce Plan

    Have Your Saleforce App Set-up for Success!
    • Workflows and validation rules set up
    • Page lay-outs and loading data into Salesforce Application
  • MFES Lead Generation

    Up to 1000 Sales Leads for Your Business
    • Names, numbers and demographics for Marketing purposes
    • ASK about our Leads for Customized Professions & Industries
  • MFES Cold Calling

    100 Cold Calls and/or Marketing Emails
    • Weed Out Your 'Warm Market'
    • We will Make the Introduction and Set the Appointment
  • MFES Call Answering

    We Answer Up to 200 Incoming Customer Calls
    • Represent Your Business with Professional Phone Service
    • We will use your script or assist with a script we provide
    • All Calls will be Documented
  • Customer Service Rep

    Provide Excellent Customer Service Over the Phone
    • Follow-up with Customers
    • Take Orders and/or Schedule Services
    • Handle Customer Complaints and Assist with Resolution
  • Social Media Manager

    Every month
    1 Social Media Platform with 2 Posts Daily
    • Your Choice of Social Media Platform.
    • Posts Customized, Designed and Scheduled at the Ideal Time
    • Manage Up to 5 Platforms with 2 Posts Daily. ASK for Upgrade
  • MFES Digital Ads

    5 Digital Ads Formatted for 2 Social Media Platforms
    • Customized Digital Ads Using Your Logo
    • Drive MORE Business to your Website or Social Media Platform
    • Add up to 5 Social Media Platforms for a Small fee. Just ASK
  • MFES Email Marketing

    Every month
    Up to 7 Customized Email Campaigns a Month for 2 Platforms
    • We can use your Supplied Email Campaign or Write it for you
    • Campaigns designed to increase Search Engine Optimization
    • Get up to 5 formats for 5 Social Media Platforms. Just ASK
  • MFES Website Design

    1 Page. Wordpress | Godaddy Platforms. Add an Online Store
    • From 1 Page up to 15 Web Pages to Promote Your Business
    • Add an Online Store and Make Money while you sleep
    • Completed in as soon as 3 Days
  • MFES Web Design WIX

    We will Design or Redesign Your Website Using WIX. 1 Page
    • From 1 Page up to 10 Pages of a Professional Website
    • Add an Online Store and Make Money while you sleep
    • Up to 3 Revisions, completed in as little as 5 days
  • MFES SEO Maintenance

    Search Engine Optimization for Your Business
    • Get your Business at the TOP of Search Engine Searches
    • Have a Month to Month Plan or Save Money with Recurring Plan
  • MFES Networking Asst

    We Network at Events on Behalf or Your Business
    • Get up to 3 Hours of Professional Networking
    • We will Gather and Collect Contact Information for you
    • We will target businesses or professionals or your choosing
    • We will use your script or write one to use on your behalf
    • Use Once or SAVE MONEY with 2 or 4 Events per month
  • MFES Assistant Hours

    Customized Assistance from TOP Level Professionals
    • Your MFES Assistant will handle a Variety of Tasks
    • SAVE MONEY by using MORE Assistance
    • Price per hour with 3 Hour Minimum. MORE hours LESS per Hour
  • MFES Human Resources

    Every month
    We Assist with Recruiting, Retention, Payroll and Benefits
    • This is a Membership that provides a variety of HR Services
    • Access to Legal, HR and Tax documents and procedures
    • Recruiting and Retention Assistance. Can do ALL Hires/Fires
    • Handle Payroll and Account Receivables & Payables
    • Provide Employee Benefits at NO Extra Cost to the Employer
  • Perfect Mate Members

    Made For Earning Success! Access FREE & Discounted Services
    • FREE Consultation with a MFES Expert!
    • Get a Detailed Analysis of your Business & Plan for Success
    • Get the BEST Strategies for your Business at the BEST Rates
    • Get Business PROMOTED for FREE on ALL of our Media Platforms
    • FREE Features in MFES Network with Entertainment Solutions
    • Access & Benefits to our Non-profit Empowerment Strategies
    • ONE TIME PAYMENT for Perfect Mate Membership
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